MIPN has begun the search for a new coordinator. To apply, send your cover letter, résumé, and three work related references to MIPN@mortonarb.org. Resumes will be reviewed starting 6/13/2016 and the position will remain open until filled. Please see the attached position description for more information.


2017 Iowa Invasive Species Conference

MIPN invasive plant symposium set for Dec 9-10 - Agenda


What plants are considered invasive in your state? Check out MIPN's compilation of Midwestern state invasive plant lists for our region. Find links to appropriate DNR websites, state laws, and state-level invasive species councils' lists of invasive plants. If you're interested in exploring this information more, a downloadable excel file of this compilation is also available on the page.

2016 Membership

Your membership helps us continue our work to reduce the impacts of invasive plants in the Midwest! Consider joining or renewing your membership today!

In November, MIPN hosted the 2nd Invasive Plants in Trade Working Group meeting in Indianapolis, IN. The focus of this workgroup is to encourage education and interaction between land managers, researchers, and industry staff on the topic of invasive ornamental plants. MIPN's ultimate goal is to find ways to reduce the sales of invasive ornamental plants in the Midwest, and these working group meetings are part of this effort. This past November the working group focused on risk assessments of invasive plants across our region and how to reconcile differences in assessment outcomes across states. For a full report of the meeting, click here.


MIPN invasive plant symposium set for Dec 9-10

See what MIPN members at the Three Rivers Park District are doing to control Oriental bittersweet in this great YouTube video. Thank you to Three Rivers for your invasive plant management leadership and work!

Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) App Updates - Webinar.
Check out this webinar to learn about new features to the GLEDN app, including the ability to create polygons for invasive species infestations and recording species not observed during surveys.

Invasive Plants in Trade Webinar: Callery Pear, presented by Theresa Culley

Cultivating Awareness: Ornamental plants invading natural areas. This MIPN film documents the impact of common buckthorn, Japanese barberry, burning bush, and Callery pear on natural areas in the Midwest.

Oriental Bittersweet Brochure - 5 MB

Oriental Bittersweet Brochure - 1 MB


Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference
Sharing Innovative and Practical Solutions

October 17-19, 2016
La Crosse Center
La Crosse, Wisconsin