Invasive Plants of the Midwest: Plants that are not native to the Midwest, and which cause (or are likely to cause) harm to environmental, economic, and/or human health.


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Mystery Seeds: Check out our July 2020 special bulletin with links to jurisdictional resources for dealing with any unexpected deliveries of mystery seeds. No matter where you are, please don't open, plant, compost or trash the seeds as they have the potential to be invasive. 

WIGL is Here!!! After about a year and a half of work, MIPN is excited to launch the new website for the Woody Invasives of the Great Lakes Collaborative at Do you have questions about how to identify or control woody invasive plants? Or about how they are regulated? Find your answers with WIGL.

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Resources to Locate Native Plant and Ecological Service Providers in the Midwest Click here to access two new directories intended to promote post-control revegetation with native plants. The directories were compiled by MIPN with support from the US Forest Service and are intended for CWMAs/CISMAs/PRISMs and other land managers.

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*NEW - Oct. 2021* The WIGL Collaborative Celebrates OAKtober – Want to know more about how invasive plants impact oak ecosystems, an invasive oak on our radar, and how to be involved in oak recovery? Check out the new blog post on the Woody Invasives of the Great Lakes Collaborative page

*NEW - Sept. 2021* Garlic Mustard in the Midwest: An Overview for Managers – MIPN recently synthesized recent garlic mustard research and used it to develop recommendations on how to prioritize management and whether/how to conduct large pull events. Download the PDF

*NEW - Aug. 2021* Landscape Alternatives App Version 2! – We just launched a majorupdate to our free mobile app, available for iOS and Android. View and share this flier with more information about the update, and search "Landscape Alternatives" in your app store to download/update. Bonus: We are hosting a webinar demo of the app on September 16, 2021 at 1pm Central. Register free here

*NEW - Aug. 2021* Invasive Plants of the Future Midwest page – In June we hosted a webinar to demonstrate new tools in EDDMapS that predict range shifts of terrestrial invasive plants and what they tell us about potential future invaders of the Midwest. The webinar recording is available here, and because this is such an important topic, we also put a lot of the information on a new webpage. Click here to check it out!

*NEW - June 2021* Woody Landscape Alternatives Brochure – We have a brand new brochure to help home and business owners choose beautiful alternatives to invasive trees, shrubs and woody vines. Download the pdf free here and learn more about how to order free copies for local distribution at the WIGL website

Free Publications: Revegetating with Natives – MIPN recently worked with USFS to develop two short guides for people looking to revegetate with native plants to ward off invasives; one for homeowners/gardeners and one for managers of larger natural areas. Download the pdfs free here or read about how you can customize and co-brand these as outreach materials here.