Now on Social Media – Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest on invasive plants in the Midwest, including relevant events and news.


New Coordinator – MIPN’s new full-time coordinator began work in December of 2016. Check out our new coordinator’s profile, and feel free to get in touch to request training or information about MIPN membership, projects and resources.

New Host Partnership – Since its inception, MIPN has relied on partner organizations to host our staff and administer finances. In late 2015, MIPN forged a new host partnership with The Morton Arboretum, a world-class tree museum 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. MIPN and the Arboretum share many overlapping interests, including examination of the invasive potential of new ornamental introductions and the control of invasive plants in natural areas.

Updated Regional Invasive Plant List  – Do you want to know what plants are considered invasive in your state? MIPN's compilation of Midwest invasive plant lists helps clarify the listing and legal status of invasive plants across our region. This spring, we updated the list to reflect new listings and legislative changes through June 2017.

Buy Publications Online – MIPN’s publications are now available via The Morton Arboretum’s online store, so placing an order has never been easier! We currently have two field guides, a “why should I care” informational pamphlet, and two “keep a lookout” fact sheets available. Remember, MIPN members receive a 10% discount of their pre-shipping order of MIPN publications!


Save the Date! UMISC 2018 – Once again MIPN will be partnering with the Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin (IPAW) and the Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC) to co-host the Upper Midwest Invasive Species Conference. UMISC 2018 will be in Rochester, MN on October 15 - 18, 2018. Keep checking back or join our email listserv for updates!

Webinar Presentation on MIPN's Work with Green Industry - Two members of MIPN's board recently presented on our work with the green industry to develop cooperative strategies for reducing the spread of ornamental invasive plants. The webinar recording is available for viewing online.

Great Lakes Early Detection Network App Training – Check out this webinar to learn about new features to the GLEDN app, including the ability to create polygons for invasive species infestations and recording species not observed during surveys. Please contact the MIPN Coordinator if you are interested in in-person training on the GLEDN app for your organization.

Ornamental Invasives/Invasive Plants in Trade – Check out MIPN’s video describing the threats posed by ornamental plants with invasive tendencies. The video highlights common buckthorn, Japanese barberry, winged burning bush, and Callery pear. For more information about Callery pear, watch this webinar presented by MIPN Board member and plant population biologist Dr. Theresa Culley of University of Cincinnati.