Funding for invasive plant management programs is often sought through grants. Federal, state, and private funding sources for invasive plant management exists. Below is an overview of common sources of funding. The MIPN Listserv often has posts on current grant opportunities and requests for proposals.

Potential Grants for Invasive Plant Control Efforts and Outreach:

  • The Great Lakes Protection Fund
    • The Great Lakes Protection Fund supports innovative ways to protect and improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem, including investing in aquatic invasive species prevention.
  • Indiana Coastal Grants Program
    • This grant program funds projects that protect and restore natural, cultural, and historic resources in Indiana's Lake Michigan coastal region.
  • National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's Conservation Partners Program
    • The Conservation Partners program seeks to provide conservation technical assistance to private landowners.
  • National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program
    • The Five Star program focuses on stewardship and restoration of coastal, wetland, and riparian ecosystems through habitat restoration and education and training activities.
  • National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's Pulling Together Initiative (PTI)
    • PTI grants help support the creation of local Cooperative Weed Management Area partnerships.
  • National Fish & Wildlife Foundation's Sustain our Great Lakes Program
    • The Sustain our Great Lakes program seeks to improve the ecological health of the Great Lakes basin through fish, wildlife, and habitat restoration and protection.

General Grant Information

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