Please consider becoming a member of the Midwest Invasive Plant Network! If you're already a member, please know that we appreciate you so much and gratefully ask that you consider renewing your membership regularly. Membership dues are based on member type and duration (see tables below), but we aim to keep all dues affordable. Dues and other donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. All memberships are from calendar year January 1 to December 31.

Your membership helps us achieve our mission to reduce the impact of invasive plant species in the Midwest, and dues enable us to continue our work to create tools for invasive plant prevention, early detection, education, control, and management. Join MIPN and become a supporting member of our active and committed network!

A key benefit memberships purchased as part of our 2022 drive will be a  discount on registration to UMISC 2022. Whether you plan on attending UMISC in-person in Green Bay or remotely online, a discount will apply. 

Click Here to join or renew your membership online (via The Morton Arboretum, MIPN's fiscal sponsor). The Arboretum is using a new sales software that is easier to use (no log-in!). Here's a quick video demo-ing the system and highlighting member benefits. 


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Annual Membership Benefits - Individual Memberships

  Discounted Conference Registriations (#)

10% Discount on MIPN Publications

Bi-monthly email newsletter Annual Report Copies of new MIPN publications
Student 1 X X X  
Individual 1 X X X 1
Patron 2 X X X 2


Annual Membership Benefits - Organizational Memberships

  Discounted Conference Registrations (#) 10% Discount on MIPN Publications Bi-monthly
Annual Report Org. name on website & annual report Ad in e-newsletter (#/year) Business profile on Copies of new MIPN publications
Public/NGO 1 X X X X     1
Business - Regular 2 X X X X 1   2
Business - Patron 3 X X X X 2   3
Business - Sponsor 5 X X X X 4 X 5
Business - Champion 10 X X X X 6 X 10


Annual Membership Dues

Individual Memberships One-year Dues Two-year Dues
Student $20 $35
Regular $30 $55
Patron $100 $185
Organizational Memberships One-year Dues Two-year Dues
Public Sector or Non-profit $50 $90
Business - Regular $150 $275
Business - Patron $300 $550
Business - Sponsor $500 $925
Business - Champion $1000 $1850


Thank you for your membership!


Questions? Please contact the MIPN Coordinator