Monday, November 8 Afternoon Concurrent Presentations (Arranged by Subject and Room)

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If the presentation you are interested in is not available, please contact individual authors as posted in the Abstract Book.


Weed Laws and Policies - Kellogg I

Biology and Impacts of Invasive Species - Kellogg II

Interrupting Pathways - Great River I

Biology of Invasive Submersed Plants - State I

Management of Invasive Aquatic Plants I - State III

Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management - Early Detection & Rapid Response - Great River II

Best Management Practices - Kellogg I

Outreach and Prevention 1 - Kellogg II

Interrupting the Boating Pathway - Great River 1

Biology of Invasive Emergent Plants - State I

Aquatic Invasive Species Public Awareness - State III

Terrestrial Invasive Plant Management Workshop - Prairie - Great River II

  • Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense) Management in Minnesota Native Prairies - Roger Becker*, University of Minnesota, Milt Haar, Badlands National Park, S.D., Judy Markl, Luke Skinner, and Laura Van Riper, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Lee Klossner, Brad Kinkaid, Doug Miller, and Elizabeth Jean Katovich, University of Minnesota, J.B. Bright, US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Another Tool for the IPM Toolbox? Assessing Wetblade Technology to Manage Canada Thistle - Kevyn Juneau*, Michigan Technological University, Catherine Tarasoff, Michigan Technological University, Ken Graeve, Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Controlling Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) in NW Minnesota State Parks and Trails - Chris Weir-Koetter, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources