Conference Presentations for Minnesota-Wisconsin Invasive Species Conference (MNWIISC) November 8-10, 2010 "Working Together to Control Invasive Species"

Video Presentations of the 2010 Invasive Plant Management Workshop held at the Chicago Botanic Garden in February.  Click on the agenda item you would like to view.  Presentations covered chemical control of many widespread invasive plants in IL, Tansy, Leafy spurge, IPM for Reed Canary Grass, novel approaches to Buckthorn control, wick applicators, and general aquatic plant management.  

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If the presentation you are interested in is not available, please contact individual authors as posted in the Abstract Book.

Plenary Presentations are posted below. For Concurrent Sessions, follow the link to the day you are interested in:


Monday, November 8 Plenary Presentations

Advancing a State Level Invasive Species Program - Troy Weldy, The Nature Conservancy - New York

Detection of Asian Carp (Hypopthalmichthys molitrix and H. Nobilis) Invasion Front in Chicago Area Waterway System Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) - W. Lindsay Chadderton, Great Lakes Project, The Nature Conservancy

The National Buzz: Politics, Trends & Opportunities - Janet Clark, Sweetgrass Consulting


Tuesday, November 9 Plenary Presentation

Climate Change and Invasive Species in Forests of Minnesota and Wisconsin - Lee E. Frelich, Director of the Center for Hardwood Ecology, University of Minnesota