MIPN has created a variety of print publications and on-line tools. See below for a description of our products and their associated cost. Several of our publications are available as free PDFs: please download, print, and utilize these materials! If you would like to order hard copies of our publications, please order here.

A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of the Midwest The field guide includes color photos, identification information, a map showing range and relative abundance for each species in the region, and information on the ecological threat caused by each species. The species included are 36 of the most widespread and problematic invasive plants in the Midwest. This 68 page, spiral-bound field guide costs $4.00 each.

field guide cover

Pocket Naturalist Guide to Invasive Plants of the Eastern U.S. This guide is a great tool for quick field identification. It is laminated to withstand field conditions, and it fits easily in your pocket or glove compartment. The guide includes descriptions of 69 invasive plants. Cost: $4.00.

Why Should I Care about Invasive Plants? This colorful, photo-filled brochure outlines the impact of invasive plants on recreational activities throughout the Midwest. It provides basic information about common invaders and also includes common myths about invasive plants. This 23 page brochure costs $1.00 each. Play Clean Go (PCG) partners can find a pdf of this brochure with the PCG logo here.

Landscape Alternatives for Invasive Plants of the Midwest is available as a smart phone app or as a PDF. The publication offers non-invasive alternatives for ornamental invasive plants. It is written for gardeners and includes short descriptions of the alternatives listed. The frequently updated app is free and is available as an Android or Apple iPhone or iPad download. We encourage you to go paperless and download this app on your smart phone or tablet instead of printing it. It is not available to order in brochure format.

CWMA Cookbook: A Recipe for Success The CWMA Cookbook is a how-to guide on how to develop and sustain a Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) in the Eastern United States. The cookbook provides step-by-step instructions for organizing a new CWMA, in addition to general information on the benefits of CWMAs and a compilation of available funding opportunities. If you are interested in organizing a CWMA in your area and would like to order copies of the CWMA cookbook, please contact MIPN at mipninfo@gmail.com.

Keep a Lookout Flyers

MIPN's Keep a Lookout flyersare 1-page handouts that provide photos, range maps, and short descriptions of new plant invaders.


Keep a Lookout Flyers for New Invasive Plants in the Midwest

Print copies are free, though a small handling fee will be applied to large orders. Buyer is also responsible for shipping.

Keep a Lookout for New Invasive Plants in the Northern Great Plains

These flyers are available in PDF format only.

MIPN Control Database The MIPN Control Database is a compilation of control methods for many of the invasive plants common in the Midwest. Control information has been collected through scientific literature review, expert opinion, and user input. The database is the result of a partnership between MIPN and Mark Renz's lab of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. An introductory webinar about the control database is available for new users.

Cultivating Awareness: Ornamental plants invading natural areas

This MIPN YouTube film documents the impact of common buckthorn, Japanese barberry, burning bush, and Callery pear on natural areas in the Midwest. Please watch and share with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

MIPN Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide more information for the plants listed in our Keep a Lookout flyers. Each fact sheet includes pictures, identifying characteristics, an overview of ecological impacts, a range map, and a link to control information. These are available in PDF format only.