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MIPN has created a variety of print publications and on-line tools. See below for a description of our products and pricing. Several of our publications are free to download below!


Keep a Lookout Flyers

MIPN's Keep a Lookout flyers are double-sided one-page handouts that provide photos and short descriptions of recent and potential plant invaders. If you'd like to order professionally printed copies or place a bulk order, visit the The Morton Arboretum online store


Keep a Lookout Flyers for Invasive Plants in the Midwest


Keep a Lookout for Invasive Plants in the Northern Great Plains

These flyers are available in PDF only.




    Herbicide Control Cards for Woody Invasive Plant Management

    Three versions of these information cards are available, each covering a different method of herbicide application to control woody invasive plants; cut-stump, basal bark, and hack-and-squirt. Order copies via The Morton Arboretum online store.



    Emerging Invasive Plants in the Midwest - In late 2023, MIPN issued a survey to invasive plants experts across our region of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Ontario, and Wisconsin. We asked these experts to identify early detection species for the Midwest region. This 2-page flyer highlights the 12 most frequently reported species, along with information about which species are of greatest concern to each individual state/province. Learn more or download a copy.


    page one of MIPN's 2023 emerging invasive species survey results


    Garlic Mustard in the Midwest: An Overview for Managers - We synthesized recent research on garlic mustard and developed recommendations to help managers navigate sometimes-conflicting information about whether and how to prioritize management of this species. The 12 page guide includes a decision-support tree and a box discussion of best practices for volunteer pull events. We do not have print copies of this document available to ship, but we encourage you to download and/or print the PDF.




    Garlic Mustard Aphid ID Cards - Our friends at Holden Arboretum created this two-sided identification card to help with garlic mustard aphid identification and reporting. These are ideal to print and laminate for group events. Download the pdf here.





    Landscape Alternatives for Invasive Plants of the Midwest, MIPN's free mobile app, just underwent a major upgrade and revision. The new version features the same intuitive navigation and depth of information as the original, but we added alternatives for several woody and aquatic invasive species and completely overhauled the photo library. Other improvements include highlighting native species, providing native range information in all species profiles and providing cultivar information to make navigating nursery offerings easier. The new Landscape Alternatives is available for iOS and Android today. NOTE: Due to app size, we recommend connecting your device to wifi prior to downloading.




    Through our work on the Woody Invasives of the Great Lakes Collaborative, we have developed a Landscape Alternatives brochure specific to woody landscape plants. The focus is on native plants and on highlighting the traits that make plants attractive and easy to care for in the garden. The pdf is available as a free download here. Would you like to help us distribute the print copies in your local area? Order copies here.




    We recently worked with USFS to complete handy guides to help people think through the process of revegetating their land after or during treatment for invasive plants. There are two versions of the guide for different audiences: one for homeowners or others working on developed lands, and one for managers of larger natural areas. These are both free pdf downloads. Here is the homeowner's guide, and here is the land manager's guide. Hop on over to our CISMA resources page if you are interested in customizing and co-branding a version of these fliers for use as outreach material. 




    Pocket Naturalist Guide to Invasive Plants of the Eastern U.S. This guide is a great tool for quick field identification. It is laminated to withstand field conditions and fits easily in a pocket, field bag, or glove compartment. The guide includes descriptions of 69 invasive plants. Cost: $4.00 per copy plus shipping. Order online




    Why Should I Care about Invasive Plants? This colorful, photo-filled brochure outlines the impact of invasive plants on various stakeholders, including hikers, boaters and gardeners. It provides basic information about common Midwest invaders and also addresses seven common myths about invasive plants. This 23 page brochure costs $1.00 per copy plus shipping. Order Online! 

    PlayCleanGo (PCG) partners can find a FREE PCG branded pdf of this brochure here. If you would like to order PCG branded brochures, please call the MIPN Coordinator at (630) 719-5649 before placing your online order.



    CWMA Cookbook: A Recipe for Success The CWMA Cookbook is a how-to guide for developing and sustaining a Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) in the Eastern United States. The cookbook provides step-by-step instructions for organizing a new CWMA, in addition to general information on the benefits of CWMAs and a compilation of available funding opportunities. If you are interested in organizing a CWMA in your area and would like to order copies of the CWMA cookbook, please contact the MIPN Coordinator at mipn@mortonarb.org or (630) 719-5649.



    MIPN Control Database The MIPN Control Database compiles information about control methods for many of the invasive plants common in the Midwest into a searchable format. Control information was collected through scientific literature review, expert opinion, and user input. The database is the result of a partnership between MIPN and Mark Renz's lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.



    Cultivating Awareness: Ornamental plants invading natural areas

    This MIPN-produced 14 minute video documents the impact of common buckthorn, Japanese barberry, burning bush, and Callery pear on natural areas in the Midwest. Please watch and share with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues!



    MIPN Fact Sheets

    These fact sheets provide more information for the plants listed in our Keep a Lookout flyers. Each fact sheet includes pictures, identifying characteristics, an overview of ecological impacts, a range map, and a link to control information. These are available in PDF format only.