Starting in June 2017, MIPN transitioned from producing a long-form pdf newsletter to shorter, monthly emailed newsletters, using a web-based design platform. Going forward, we will be sending out our e-newsletters bi-monthly. Check out our archived newsletters and topics below. To receive the newsletter directly, please sign up here!


September/October 2018

  • MIPN's First-Ever Annual Summary
  • Fall Identification of Woody Species
  • UMISC 2018 Highlights


July/August 2018

  • Invaded Lakes: Treating the Part vs. the Whole
  • Invasive Plant Cultivars: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?


May/June 2018 (correction here)

  • Giant Hogweed
  • Mistaken Identity - American Bittersweet
  • New resources: groundcovers and aquatic invasives


March/April 2018

  • MIPN's new assistant
  • Seeking Invasive Plant Control Case Studies
  • New risk assessment sub-page on MIPN website
  • USDA's "New Invaders" guide
  • Additions to Midwest Invasive Plant List


January/February 2018


November/December 2017

  • New regional collaborative for woody invaders
  • MIPN webinars
  • State of the State: Ohio


September/October 2017 (pdf)

  • "Plants on the Move" public garden summit summary
  • UMISC 2018 Save the Date
  • content refresh announcements


August 2017 (pdf)

  • New aquatic invasive plant populations
    • European frogbit near Cleveland, OH
    • Starry stonewort near Duluth, MN
  • Where Ecology Meets Economy announcement
  • Research spotlight: impact of hydrolic fracturing wellpads on invasive plant spread in PA
  • Precipitation patterns and potential impacts on wetland invasive spread


July 2017 (pdf)

  • Invasive plant spotlight: teasels
  • CWMA formation work in the Missouri Ozarks
  • Goat grazing for invasive plant control: examples, scientific studies, and potential pitfalls


June 2017 (pdf)

  • Regional plant list update
  • NAIPC webinar announcement
  • Addition to MIPN Board of Directors
  • MIPN in the news (invasive plants in landscaping and EDRR)
  • Research spotlight: legacy impacts Japanese stiltgrass invasion
  • Top 10 native pollinator plants recommended by USFS botanists


Spring 2017 (pdf)

  • Meet the MIPN Coordinator
  • Advancements in biocontrol research for garlic mustard
  • State program updates
  • MIPN Conferences in review: UMISC 2016, Iowa Invasive Species Conference
  • Invasive plant spotlight: Palmer amaranth
  • Research spotlight: Effectiveness of mechanical control for swallowwort